Cool Clothes

Where Does It Come From? has created its own brand of gorgeous clothes and accessories that are fully traceable, so that you can discover exactly where yours came from and get to know the people involved.  

Our clothes are Fairtrade (please see Accreditations) and environment-friendly too, which gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are helping others and our planet through your buying choices.

Check out our childrens’ clothing in denim and organic cotton and our beautiful, handprinted ladies scarves.  We’ve just launched our new adult, organic shirts too – four stylish colour choices, unisex and a choice of either short or long sleeves.

Please visit our page Making Our Clothes for details of the traditional techniques used to produce our fabrics.

If you are a business, please check out how we can work together by visiting our page for Businesses.  You never know, we could create something beautiful together…..