Ethical Scarves and Accessories

We’ve created our beautiful, ethical scarves by hand, from the spinning of the cotton to the block printing of the design.  Khadi is a soft, fine cotton fabric made famous by Mahatma Ghandi.  Ghandi encouraged rural Indian people to spin and weave their own cotton as part of his quest for a free India.

Our ethical scarves are approximately 2 metres long and 45 cm wide – some are slightly bigger.  They are perfect as a summer stole or for wrapping round the neck for a warm and very decorative effect!  They are soft and comfortable and brighten up any outfit.

We work with social enterprises and co-operatives in India, keeping in touch every step of the way, and each scarf comes with a code on the label so you can discover who made it and how this work effects their life and the planet we live on.

Our brooches and hair accessories are hand made using off-cuts from our denim childrens’ clothes collection. There are only a few of these left now so snap them up while you can!

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