Why do we do it?  Here’s why!  Where Does It Come From? worked with other ethical fashion brands in the UK to produce this video for Fashion Revolution 2017

People do want to know more about their clothes – How were they made?  Who made them and were they fairly treated?  Is the environment being harmed? Where Does It Come From? is an ethical fashion brand where each item comes with a code on the label so you can find the answers to these questions.  Simply visit our Trace Your Garment page and type in the garment code and you can find out all the things that turned cotton growing in a field into the clothes that you own today and get to know the people involved.

You can buy our ethical clothing in our Where Does It Come From? shop, selected retailers and, if you are a business wanting to wholesale then we do that too – just check out all we can offer to Businesses!

We can’t change the world on our own so we work with key organisations to ensure we’re part of a wider team.  Visit our ethical credentials page to see the organisations we work with and some of the accolades we’ve received!


Where To Find Where Does It Come From?

You can buy our beautiful, handwoven clothes from selected retailers, including:

Action Villages India

The Fairtrade Shop, Ipswich, Suffolk

Fair and Fabulous, Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire

and online at:


Amnesty International


Ethical Shop by New Internationalist

Ethical Stores

Fairmondo UK



The Nurture Collective

Wess Fashion

and here in our online shop!





headshotHi, I’m Jo Salter, Founder of Where Does It Come From?

I was concerned that the clothes I was buying for myself and my family were not being created ethically, and that I may indirectly be helping to sustain cruel labour practices and contributing to the world’s pollution problems.

This motivated me to seek a way of providing an ethical alternative for garments people needed to buy.  Finding like minded people to partner with such as Moral Fibre Fabrics has enabled us to produce our first ranges of traceable clothes.  We are also working with new partners to explore ideas for future ranges.

I regularly produce articles for our Blog and for other publications such as Huffington Post.  BBC Radio Suffolk interviewed me back in July 2014 about why I set up Where Does It Come From?  Click below to listen.