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Cotton Sourcing: At Where Does It Come From? our core ethos is traceability.  Knowing where our materials come from and how they are made into products is a key requirement of this.  A large proportion of our products are made from the cotton crop and so we work hard to ensure that the cotton we source meets the following criteria.

Sourcing Our Cotton

  1. 1. We endeavour to source our cotton from farms geographically close to where it will be spun and woven into cloth.
  2. 2. Where possible we will find out the farm where the cotton has been grown.
  3. 3. For organic cotton we will require to see proof of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification.
  4. 4. We endeavour to source our cotton via organisations supporting fair trade principles such as the Fairtrade Foundation, the Khadi Villages Industry Commission (KVIC) and Cotton Made in Africa (CMIA).

5. We will not source our cotton from locations where there is suspicion or knowledge of forced labour or child labour (such as Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan – for more information see The Cotton Campaign).