Where Does It Come From? is a fair trade company.  It is of the utmost importance to us that the people who are involved in producing our clothes are treated with justice and respect which is why we work according to a fair trade policy.  We share information about our makers with our customers as we believe in building a people to people connection – it’s much harder to turn a blind eye if you know the people involved.  We are working with other ethical brands to change the clothing industry, with the ultimate goal that customers will only buy from brands where they know people are treated as they should be.

The Fairtrade Foundation and Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC)

When Where Does It Come From? was founded in 2013 we set up as a licencee with the Fairtrade Foundation.

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Where Does It Come From? meeting with the Gujarat State Director of Village Industries Mr Hedaoo, overseen by the KVIC founder Gandhi.

Finding our first production partner who met our fair trade and transparency requirements was challenging – most producers were not able to trace the production throughout the supply chain.  When we started working with Moral Fibre Fabrics on our first production of denim children’s clothing, we began the process of having the supply chain accredited by the Fairtrade Foundation as we wanted to display the Fairtrade Mark on the label.

The Khadi Village and Industries Commission (KVIC) who run the co-operatives we use for fabric production have an extremely similar (if not identical) fair trade ethos to the Fairtrade Foundation.  They were started by Gandhi in the 1950s to provide employment and empowerment for rural workers, especially women.  Covering all India they have been working to achieve their social goals for over 60 years.  Unfortunately the Fairtrade Foundation and KVIC are not affiliated so we are unable to display the Fairtrade Mark.

Where Does It Come From? has attempted to bring the two organisations closer together including arranging a successful visit by Fairtrade International to the KVIC co-operatives we work with as well as meeting and holding discussions with with senior KVIC management in India.  There would be benefits for both organisations in a closer alliance and hopefully this can be achieved in the future. Where Does It Come From? remains committed to both Khadi and Fairtrade.

British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS)

bafts our fair trade policy where does it come from? clothingWhere Does It Come From? is a member of BAFTS.  BAFTS was set up in 1995 as a membership organisation for businesses and charities involved in fair trade retailing in the UK.  To achieve and retain membership the businesses must adhere to the 10 principles of Fair Trade and provide annual performance data outlining financial and social achievements and goals.

One of the objectives of BAFTS is teamworking between its members.  To this end we work with a growing number of BAFTS shops to sell our products and have built some mutually beneficial relationships to help advance the sales of fairly traded goods in the UK.