embed your ethics in your enterprise
Jo talking ethics for your enterprise at Future Fashion Focus 2019

Why make your Enterprise Ethical?

  • It makes financial sense – there’s a rapidly growing customer base for products and services produced with a positive impact story
  • Values based business is going mainstream – established brands are already adopting marketing strategies to attract this growing market
  • Regulation will be coming to ensure greater clarity of business impact on human rights and environment – the UK Government Review on the impacts of Fast Fashion is just the start!
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    How can Ethical Business Buddy help?

    ethical business buddy

    Do you have a cool idea that you believe could have a real and positive impact?  Feeling stuck on how to take this to the next stage and make it happen?

    I know that setting up and running an ethical brand can seem overwhelming  – I’ve done it with Where Does It Come From?  It’s a rollercoaster ride and I’d love to be your buddy to support you every step of the way. 

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    You already run a established and you want to up the ethical:

  • Identify and define ways of embedding your positive values into your products and services
  • Explore opportunities to move to an ethical and sustainable supply base
  • Map your existing supply chain to identify areas for improvement
  • Create a verifiable supply chain model using blockchain
  • Establish a better understanding of the ethics already within your brand so that you can tell your ethical brand story
  • Adapt and expand your brand content to reflect your brand ethics
  • Identify accreditation and memberships that could benefit your brand
  • Capture and measure the impacts on your beneficiaries to create an impact report
  • Explore ways of offsetting and creating social enterprise partnerships to support your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.
  • Get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page to explore how I can work with you to achieve your ethical business goals.

    Who is Ethical Business Buddy?

    jo salter - your ethical business buddy jo salter writer speaker consultant

    Jo Salter is the founder of award winning ethical clothing brand Where Does It Come From?. Jo also works as a consultant with startup and existing brands to help them embed their ethics into their enterprises. 

    Jo is also:

    For more information on career history see Jo’s Linkedin Profile.

    Plus you can access media coverage, published work and interviews.

    Sustainability Speaker

    Jo is a regular public speaker and panellist at events on sustainability, ethical fashion and natural fabrics.  She has appeared on BBC TV and spoken on BBC and regional radio. She is a regular guest on BBC Radio Suffolk and has co-hosted a show ‘Suffolk Saving the Planet’ in February 2019.

    If you’d like Jo to come and speak to your organisation or group then please get in touch using form at the bottom of this page.

    Here’s Jo talking about the 2018 Where Does It Come From? project to widen impact into Africa through a new transparent supply chain. 


    Writing to Inspire….

    Jo writes articles on many subjects across sustainability and ethical business.  She publishes regularly on the Where Does It Come From? blog, as a guest writer on other blogs and in magazines.  Jo can write content for your website covering a wide range of topics around sustainable living ethical production and environmental issues. Below are some popular articles she has written:

    If you’d like Jo to write an article for your publication, or create some content for your site then please get in touch using the Contact Us page or arrange a call via Calendly.

    Some of the publications that Jo has written for are:

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