ethical and organic childrens clothingWe offer a wide range of ethical and organic children’s clothing that we’ve created from hand-woven cotton.  Our jeans, jackets, dresses and culottes are made from soft, strong denim and our shirts are made out of organic cotton. Handwoven cotton is naturally more breathable – warmer in winter and cool in summer!

Our ethical children’s clothes come with their story – each garment has a code so the child can explore how it was made, leaning about the farms, the weaving and spinning and getting to know the people involved.

Designing our Ethical and Organic Children’s Clothing

organic children's clothingDesign is key to what we do – our clothing comes with a number of features to help survive a growth spurt – including button elastic waists, long leg jeans, adjustable straps and dresses that convert to tunic tops.  Most of our clothes are unisex too, so you can pass them on to siblings or friends.

As our clothes are so long lasting we now have a few items that have been returned outgrown.  You can take a look and buy these on our Preloved page.  If you have an item that is in good condition that you wish to return then please Contact Us. If we agree to resell your item then you will receive a voucher towards your next purchase!