organic shirts
Our organic shirts have been created from 100% handspun, handwoven organic cotton.  They are the perfect versatile wardrobe basic – designed to suit both men and women with a loose, casual fit.

Organic shirts organic white shirt and handwoven flower scarf from Where Does It Come From? ethical clothing traceable tooComfort is key – handwoven cotton is naturally more breathable and keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in the summer so these shirts are the perfect all year round wear.  Our organic shirts have been tailored by hand and are soft and super-stylish.

Creating our Organic Shirts

You can explore exactly how your shirt was made and get to know who was involved – each has a code on the label which unlocks its garment story. You can find out about the social enterprises we partner with, the fair trade and environment friendly production techniques we use and hear from the makers too.

The cotton for our organic shirts is grown in Gujarat, India.  It is then spun and woven by hand by workers in a local co-operative, part of the khadi movement promoted by Gandhi to support traditional skills and empower rural workers, particularly women.  The fabric is very soft and eco friendly.  Virtually no carbon is used during production plus we use low water techniques and eco-friendly dyes.

You can find out more about how we crowdfunded and then ran our first shirt production in 2016 by visiting our page Organic Shirt Production.

If you need more information on sizing then check out our Size Guidance.