Our new ‘Ducks in a Row’ bags are roomy, stylish shoulder bags that are sturdy (made from denim!) and well made.  They’re fantastic for throwing in your goodies for the day to look super stylish on the move, or as a reusable shopping bag (helping with your plastic free living). Also, at the end of its long life, this bag will biodegrade as it is made from 100% cotton.

This reusable shopping bag has a great zero-waste story too – you can explore it in our blog ‘Getting our Ducks in a Row – Creating Zero-waste Bags from Pinafore Dresses’.

We hope you love the block printed designs and indigo denim trim as much as we do – plus we’ve given the handles a splash of extra colour!  Despite our product name we do have lots of different print designs – please check the product listing to find out what’s available.

We’re starting out with a large reusable shopper but if you’d like a smaller version then this is possible – just get in touch.

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