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Organic Cotton Face Masks: Face coverings are now recommended as a key way to protect ourselves and others from Covid 19.  (See the findings of The Royal Society on the benefits of personal use face masks).

There are a growing number for sale, in a wide variety of fabrics and designs.  As lovers of natural fabrics, we believe that it’s important to choose a mask that will cut down on the harmful chemicals that we’ll be breathing in, as well as providing a filter for health protection.

Where Does It Come From? has partnered with our friends at Khadi London to design a personal use face mask that is:

🌱created from 100% organic cotton
🌱grown from seed native to Maharashtra, India
🌱fed by the rain and with no chemical pesticides,
🌱spun and woven by hand into fabric,
🌱without bleach or dyes or other additives,
🌱without any plastic,
🌱in a social enterprise providing rural livelihoods.

With a double layer of handwoven fabric our organic cotton face masks offer protection for personal use whilst being comfortable, natural and re-usable. The string ties mean the size can be easily adjusted, fitting children as well as adults.

Each pack purchased will give a donation to UK Charity The Trussell Trust and the khadi social enterprise in India Gram Sewa Mandal, Gopuri where the cotton is grown and processed.

The masks are being sewn in the UK right now and we will fulfill orders as quickly as possible.

Each mask will have a QR code so you can explore it’s story and get to know the people involved in creating it, as well as the environment and community friendly processes we use.



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