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A wooden rattle and teether is the ideal natural, baby toy. It makes the perfect newborn baby gift as it can be personalised and comes in a natural cotton drawstring bag. The ‘Gnosi’ wooden rattle is a heritage toy that’s made to last. It’s designed to be passed on, passed around and down the family until it returns to become a treasured keepsake and reminder of all those sleepless nights and tiny toes.

wooden rattle‘Gnosi’ is the Greek word for knowledge. The name encompasses what this solid wood baby rattle is all about: helping Baby to learn about the world. Baby shaker toys can initially be used by an adult to encourage Baby to focus and reach towards the gentle, clacking sound. Once Baby is older it strengthens their grip as well as developing their hand-eye coordination. Old fashioned baby toys become firm favourites as they’re a great comforter during teething and just get even better looking with age.

Each wooden rattle is handmade to order, so please expect a 1 week delivery time. It’s crafted on a woodturning lathe, in Liz’s garden workshop using local, recycled Beech wood. Next, if ordered, it’s painted using the finest plant based, natural paints and finished with a nourishing, organic hemp oil before having the Love HeartWood logo and CE mark branded on its top. Finally, the personalisation is written using a special hot wire pen. This burns into the wood, meaning the letters will never fade or rub off. 

Approx. Size: 17 x 5 cm   7.5” x 2”

Choice of 3 finishes:


Once the rattle’s shaping is complete nothing is added so the rattle comes as Nature intended.


Once the rattle’s shaping is complete 2 coats of sustainable hemp oil are applied and allowed to soak in. The oil protects the wood and gives it a wonderful, silky touch and soft sheen.

Painted then oiled

The rattles are painted using beautiful natural colours: the gentle blue of the summer sky, the pure white of fluffy clouds, the yellow of a happy sunshine and the vibrant green of fluttering leaves. By varying the speed at which the lathe is spinning, whilst applying the paint creates a one-of-a-kind pattern. Once the paint is dry, 2 coats of sustainable hemp oil are applied and allowed to soak in. The oil protects the wood and gives it a wonderful, silky touch and soft sheen.

wooden rattlePlease note: Wood is a beautiful, natural material and individual pieces vary in colour and markings. This is what gives each piece its unique character so your rattle will not be exactly the same as the ones shown. Hurray!

Each wooden rattle comes in an organic cotton, drawstring bag hand printed with the Love HeartWood logo. These bags are ethically hand made in India with the help of Where Does It Come From?

Love HeartWood handmade, wooden toys are safe for ages 0+. Rest easy, no matter their age, all the kids can play together safely. 

They’re CE Marked and exceed European Safety Regulations EN71.

Gnosi Wooden Rattles are part of Love HeartWood’s Blue Sky Toy Collection. These eco friendly toys are designed and made to last from the best quality, sustainable hardwoods and finished with plant based eco paint and oil. This means they’re completely natural, organic and biodegradable. They don’t contain VOC’s, plastics or any other nasties.

All Packaging, including labels is reusable, recycled and recyclable.

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Natural, Oiled, Painted and oiled