You’ve asked us for an organic brown shortsleeved shirt and here it is! Our brown shortsleeved shirt, created from 100% handspun, handwoven organic cotton, has now arrived!  Each shirt has being tailored by hand  – a versatile wardrobe basic for both men and women.

A comfortable shirt is a must and handwoven fabrics are naturally breathable so you will find them cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  So this shirt is a great wear all the year round.

The dyes being used to create our organic brown shortsleeved shirt are natural and non-toxic.  This means that the colour will fade gradually over time and lots of washing, rather like your favourite pair of jeans.

This long sleeved organic brown shirt comes with wooden buttons and a pocket on the breast.

You can find out exactly how your shirt was made and who was involved – each has a code on the label which unlocks the garment story.  You can explore the traditional production methods that we use which are much kinder to the environment.  Our dyeing process uses a fifth of the water normally required and the hand spinning and hand weaving are virtually carbon free.  We work with co-operatives which are ethically run according to the principles set down by Gandhi as part of his vision to empower rural people in India.

To find out more about our eco-friendly and fair trade processes please visit our page on Ethical Clothing | Making Our Clothes.


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